From our experience in Yiwu market, we found that not every visitor left Yiwu with a happy smile. Following buyers should not come Yiwu for purchase:



>> Buyers who can't accept over-one-carton MOQ (except jewelry):

Yiwu market is a wholesale market. There is always an MOQ for each product if the products are not in stock. Even for stocks, suppliers also prefer you buy by cartons because stocks are all pre-packed. MOQ for jewelry can be as low as a few dozens sometimes.


If a small shop is what you only have or that’s the only place you can sell, in our opinion, you don’t necessarily need to come to Yiwu. You may simply buy it from your local wholesale market. Theoretically, you can buy one carton from this shop and one carton from that shop here, with lower price than your side, but the overall cost include shipping, duty etc. will be higher than you buy from your local whole sellers.


Shipping by big containers is what the big importers from your country are currently doing now. They can save lots of shipping cost. If you can’t buy wholesale with MOQ requirements, you will probably can’t compete with them for price.


Besides, the traveling cost and time may eat up all the profit you buy from your trip. (but if you’re also for a sightseeing trip all over China, then it’s another thing.)



>> Buyers who only want to deal with factories:

Although the shops in Yiwu market are the office of their own factory, there are many shops are representatives and distributors. If you're only open to trading with factories, you won't be very happy with Yiwu market.